How to be featured
By Team CMC Bot Admin on 24 Nov 2018 10:26 AM

Welcome new visitors from @teamcmcbot twitter account!

If you wish to be featured, DM me on twitter the following:

1) Player Tag

2) Twitter handle

3) Professional Team (if any)

4) Hashtags (optional, e.g #LetsGoLiquid)

5) Screenshot of your GC logs.


The minimum requirement is one 12 wins GC a week. If an account does not meet the requirement, they *MAY* be removed from tracking. 

Alternatively, you can self submit your 12 wins here at 




Q:What does tracking mean?

A: After you are added to the tracking list, your profile will be checked by the bot every 30 minutes, if there is a 12 wins grand challenge, it will post a tweet on @teamcmcbot

Q: How do you qualify to be tracked?

A: There is no specific requirement, I look at everything from max challenge wins to GC win count (win rate), to even your gems that you have in your screenshot. Ultimately, if you can prove that you can get 12 wins GC at a fairly consistent rate, I will add you in.

Q: I have a F2P account but I get 12 wins everytime, can you track me?

A: I would prefer you to do self-submit because tracking a F2P account every 30 minutes for grand challenge games is quite a waste of resource.