CRL 2022 Qualifiers 20 wins challenge
By @teamcmcbot on 06 Aug 2022 15:43 PM

This year’s Clash Royale League World Finals will be a 16-player double elimination tournament in Helsinki, Finland on 23-25 September! To compete players must win a Golden Ticket through Community Tournaments, or through the Clash Royale League Qualifiers.

Clash Royale League Qualifiers

Anyone at least 16-years old can compete for a spot in World Finals through the Clash Royale League Qualifiers, starting with the 20-Win Challenge appearing in-game on 6 August.

Successfully completing the 20-Win Challenge will qualify players for the next stage of the Clash Royale League Qualifiers, which is a total of five (5) stages.


The 16 players who qualify for World Finals will compete in a double elimination bracket in front of a live audience in Helsinki, Finland!